Connect your Amazon to Twitch and subscribe.

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If you have an Amazon account you can get a free subscription to any Twitch Affiliate(or higher) streamer.     You still need to connect your Amazon account to your twitch account and then hit subscribe on your favorite streamer.   No worries Twitch will not show your Amazon account to anyone on the platform. 

To connect your Amazon account to your Twitch account: 
1. Log into Twitch
2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner on Twitch.
3. Click on settings.
4. Right under the Settings heading you will need to click on the connections tab (on the horizontal link bar).
5. Find Amazon under the connection options and then click the "Connect" button.  
6. Answer their connection questions and at the end it should say it is connected.

If you had problems with this walk through check out HowtoGeeks walk thru



Once your amazon is connected you can subscribe to your favorite streamer and since Jeefers is your favorite streamer  (If you havent already subscribed to a  lame streamer already)...
To subscribe to Jeefers channel using your free prime gaming subscription:
1. Navigate to while logged into twitch.
2. Click the "Subscribe" button
3. Navigate down and find the the button that "Use prime subscription" button.  Click IT.... CLICK IT!


If you run into problems with this walk thru check out HowtoGeeks