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The most BORING PUBG Solo match Ever!

  • Posted on: 23 February 2019
  • By: admin

Can this get any more boring.  Check this video out and tell me what you think.
Its an instant classic. 


Jeef gets a lucky kill while sitting around near a wall.  Then picks up the groza and lays around on the map.  Kills a dude that practically walks on top of him and then just walks up a hill and kills people laying around.

Solo Chicken Dinner!

Return Trip.

  • Posted on: 21 February 2019
  • By: admin

After ten days in India.... Im back... .Im back and at it again.

Jeefers in India

I ate too much but i enjoyed the trip.. It was an interesting 10 days.  Would love to be there again but I do not want to do the travel ever again.  No one ever needs 14 hrs of plane flights.
Make sure you stop and check out the stream.  I did come back with a cold but I'll try not to cough to much. 


2018 Recap!

  • Posted on: 30 December 2018
  • By: admin

I started this Streaming thing back in August.  I am now pretty much fully setup.  I still have party chat to get to my stream but other than that everything is perfect.  I have a few other services to get out there this year.   We did a giveaway here at the end of December.  Giving away a movie and a DVA Overwatch Figure/keyring.  

Ive been playing Pubg and Overwatch with a few games of Roblox mixed in.  Ive been looking to expand and get some new followers and some new people to play with.  I've met some really cool people and a few other streamers.  

Happy Birthday Jesus!

  • Posted on: 25 December 2018
  • By: admin

Today we celebrate the birth of the son of God!  The man that came to save us from our sins.  The man that came to be perfect here on earth for us so that we could break him down and he could arise and show us all. 
Try to be the best person you can be.  Follow God's Law.  Ask for forgiveness.  Love your Neighbor and most of all... Love your God with all your Heat Mind and Soul!

Merry Christmas to everyone!