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Daily Pubg Dose - December 6th 2018

  • Posted on: 6 December 2018
  • By: admin

Here is your daily dose of Players Unknown Battlegrounds presented and delivered to you by yours truly.... JEEF!

Gamers included in this video: 

We have a bunch of videos pieced together for ya here.  Your gonna love this stuff.   Some bridge camping,  Some vehicle explosions, A couple team wipes, its good stuff.


A little Overwatch - Beef 4 Piece

  • Posted on: 27 November 2018
  • By: admin

Big Beef does work! Check this 4 piece Beef pulls off in a rd of 6v6 elimination mode of Overwatch.

Beef hooks and kills Soldier 76.
Beef runs away from Mccree. 
Beef hooks and kills Mei. 
Beef hides and survives Mccree "High Noon" alt.
Beef alts and kills Orisa.
Beef then kills Mccree. 

It's a sick rd folks.

26 Minutes of Kills!

  • Posted on: 22 November 2018
  • By: admin

Watch as I go through some of the kills from the past 2 days.   You get to see a pump shotgun vs a kar98 no scope battle with no armor.  You get to see Korebomb kill someone and then Jeef run over them for the cleanup. 


7th Place, 7th Place, 7th Place

  • Posted on: 22 November 2018
  • By: admin

Have you had challenges that you wanted to complete while gaming.   Well Jeef didnt have one on this day but he was just having fun goofing around. 

He grabbed 2 double barrel shotguns a bunch of gernades and a vehicle and went to town.  

5 kills and 7th place isnt to bad while goofing around. 
He also took out a guy holding and m.24 Sniper rifle and a guy holding a Kar98.


Christmas List Preparation

  • Posted on: 20 November 2018
  • By: admin

Alright folks in preparation for Christmas, Jeef made up a list of wants.  One of the wants Jeef has is to add party chat to his stream and new sound card with a digital in port is needed to make this happen. 
I got on Amazon and found this cool looking sound card. 

CrapKills: When friends dont help after a botched bushwookie attempt.

What happens when you chill out in a bush and someone spots you in Pubg.  Nothing good. 
3 teams all of which barely shoot at each other.  Jeef and Korebomb take refuge in bushes aka become bushwookies.
Then someone spots Jeef and all goes sour.  Jeef gets killed by an M16 and a friend leaves him out to dry and saves himself.

Gamers in this video: